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EP 93: Kaylan Reddy - PhD Candidate in Botany

February 14, 2022 Anne Chisa Season 3 Episode 93
The Root Of The Science Podcast
EP 93: Kaylan Reddy - PhD Candidate in Botany
Show Notes

Hello everyone!

Welcome to  episode 93.

Kaylan Reddy, a PhD candidate in botany from South Africa, is my guest today. In this episode, we find that he is the family's first scientist and that his love for science stems from his family's early acceptance of his "weird and wonderful" science facts. Kaylan recalls that his undergraduate studies began with a double major in biochemistry and chemistry. He subsequently applied his chemistry knowledge to plants in order to pursue a degree in medical plant sciences. Kaylan then went on to earn a master's degree, which was then upgraded to a PhD program, which he is currently pursuing. He is researching a traditional medicinal plant known as Kougoed, Kanna or Sceletium. This is used by the Khoí and Sān people in South Africa that could help with anxiety and depression. Kaylan tells us more about the research and its importance. As wonderful as Kaylan's academic journey has been we also discuss some of the challenges that he's experienced and how he overcome them.  
Tune in as we hear about this and so much more

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