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EP 70: STEMi Leaders Mentees

April 12, 2021 Anne Chisa Season 2 Episode 70
The Root Of The Science Podcast
EP 70: STEMi Leaders Mentees
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From mid-2020, I had the honor of mentoring four incredible young women from various STEM backgrounds and African countries. It's been a pleasure to learn from them and share my knowledge with them so that they can apply it uniquely in their lives—this a follow-up to this month's #YouAreAScientist interviews. I intend to amplify the voices of young #AfricansInSTEM and remind them that they are an inspiration to many. 
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(00:01:40) Jane, a Nigerian medical student, is my first guest. She is in her fourth year, and we learn that she was inspired by a female family doctor before this. She is passionate about women's sexual health and aspires to be an obstetrician-gynecologist (ob-gyn). Jane describes herself as a jack of all trades because she is a businesswoman who dabbles in entrepreneurship, tech innovation and other things. 

(00:15:52) Lidess is from Malawi and graduated this year with a bachelor's degree in land management with a physical planning specialization. In this episode, we learn that she wanted to be a nurse, but that didn't work out and that she is content with her current path. Aside from that, Lidess is an emerging entrepreneur who is a tailor. All of this and much more are covered in this episode.

(00:23:20) Next up is Ese, she's also a medical student in Nigeria. We learn that she actually wanted to be a journalist due to the instability of the industry in Nigeria. This did not come to pass. Due to her own lived experience, she inspired her to change her mind and pursue a medical degree instead. Ese does many other activities while pursuing her medical degrees, such as volunteering, fashion designing, and more. 

(00:37:34) Lastly, Patricia is from Cameroon. Like many young Africans, she wanted to be a doctor but instead pursued a petroleum engineering career. She is now an MSc engineering student as well as a  math and physics tutor. She is passionate about empowering the youth in her community. She discusses pursuing her dream and her future goals.

That concludes today's conversation. I hope you enjoyed this episode, in which you heard the stories of four future leaders from Africa in STEM. I'm so proud of them because their stories are unique to them, and I hope they inspired someone. 

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Jane Noma Iguma-Asaka- Medical Student
Lidess Msika- Physical Planning Graduate
Eseohe Victoria Uhomohasebhor- Medical Student
Asoh Patricia Ambe- Msc Student in Engineering