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EP 71: UKZN Students

April 19, 2021 Anne Chisa Season 2 Episode 71
The Root Of The Science Podcasts
EP 71: UKZN Students
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Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 71.
 For the past few years, I have had the pleasure of being a teaching assistant for undergraduate modules in the agricultural science department at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. I thought it is only fitting to interview some of the past students for this month's #YouAreAScientist interviews. The purpose is to amplify the voices of young #AfricansInSTEM and remind them that they are an inspiration to many.
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(1:18) First is Thabile Nxumalo, a South African.  She's a fourth-year plant pathology student. In this episode, we learn that in high school, she had no idea what "science" meant; she was simply encouraged by teachers to pursue it because she had good grades. It wasn't until her second year in university that she realized what she was doing. She explains to us the field of plant pathology and discusses her current honors project and her future aspirations.  Let's take a listen.

(16:15) Sithembisiwe Dube, also known as Thembi, is my next guest. She is originally from Zimbabwe but currently resides and studies in South Africa. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in animal science. We learn that she was inspired by her father's passion for livestock care. That piqued her interest in studying animals to assist him. Thembi discovered that animal science was the degree she needed to pursue after conducting a Google search. She explains what animal science is all about to all of us. We also talked about her future plans.

(16:15) Ntokozo Mkhabela from South Africa is my final guest. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in agricultural plant science with a major in crop science. In this episode, she admits that when she was younger, she was unsure about her future career. When she was 16, she started growing a vegetable garden, which sparked her interest in pursuing a degree in agriculture. She tells us about agricultural science and her honours research project for the year. Finally, we talked about her future goals and how she's been enjoying the online classes. Take a listen


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Thabile Nxumalo- Plant Pathology Student
Thembi Dube- Animal Science Student
Ntokozo Mkhabela- Crop Science Student