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EP 72: #YouAreAScientist Finale

April 27, 2021 Anne Chisa Season 2 Episode 72
The Root Of The Science Podcast
EP 72: #YouAreAScientist Finale
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Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 72.
For the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of chatting with young #AfricansInSTEM who have shared stories about their journey into science as part of #YouAreAScientist interviews. The purpose is to amplify the voices of young #AfricansInSTEM and remind them that they are an inspiration to many. This week we are wrapping up, and I will be joined by 3 young scientists who share their unique experiences today. You will hear from Tanatswa, Avela and Hlengiwe. Let's go.
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(1:23) Tanatswa Muchirahondo, a Zimbabwean aeronautical engineering student, is my first guest. In this episode, we learn that Tanatswa has always excelled in physics and mathematics. Because of his older brother, he has always known that he wanted to be an engineer, specifically in aviation. By passing his A-levels with flying colours, he pursued his dream and study at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering. He describes what aeronautical engineers do, and you will hear how impressive his future goals are. Let's take a listen. 

(21:59) Avela Xulu from South Africa is up next. He is a third-year environmental science student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He tells us that he was initially interested in pursuing a health science degree, but that did not go as planned. Alternatively, he was offered and enrolled in a course in environmental science. Avela admits that the first year was difficult, but the second year was when the puzzle pieces fell into place, and he realized which path was best for him. He tells us about environmental science and his future plans, which include pursuing an honors degree. Plus, Avela gives a great shout-out at the end, so take a listen.

(35:30) Finally, I have Hlengiwe Myeni from South Africa. She is a third-year medical student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She says that since grade 10, she has known she wanted to pursue a career in science but has been unsure of which field to pursue. However, when her mother became ill, her desire to pursue a career in medicine was sparked. Hlengiwe discusses her difficulties adjusting to university life as well as her own mental health issues. We also talk about how the pandemic has affected her studies. Finally, we talk about her future plans in the medical field.

Listen to this and so much more. 

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Tanatswa Muchirahondo- Aeronautical Engineering Student
Avela Xulu- Environmental Science Student
Hlengiwe Myeni- Medical Student